‘If it’s not hurting, is it working?’ Stephanie Seymour’s son Harry Brant, 16, on his punishing beauty regime, cystic acne and how to achieve ‘perfect dewy skin’


Harry Brant, the youngest son of Stephanie Seymour and billionaire Peter Brant, has revealed the extremes he goes to to deal with acne and obtain dewy-looking skin.

The cultured 16-year-old, whose social life includes fashion shows and A-list parties, is so rigorous when it comes to skincare that his beauty routine can even result in pain.

‘With cleansers, I definitely do have a little bit of me that’s like, “If it’s not hurting, is it working?”‘ the Connecticut native admitted to Into The Gloss.

Harry Brant

Skincare tips: Harry Brant, the 16-year-old socialite son of Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant, has revealed how he deals with cystic acne and achieves dewy-looking skin

‘At one point, I was exfoliating too much with this exfoliator that was made of, like, crushed rocks, and it messed up my skin so bad,’ he said. ‘But I got over that.’

While the flamboyant celebutante struggles with his complexion just like any other teen, he does have the added advantage of a supermodel mother to turn to for advice.



‘My mom has been a big help,’ he told the website. ‘She knows a lot about what to do and she knows all the tricks. She’s always like, “Don’t touch it. Whatever you do, don’t touch it!”‘

To treat his cystic acne, which is a severe form of the skin condition, Harry uses the Clarisonic every day because it forces him take his time instead of just quickly scrubbing.

The socialite also swears by New York dermatologist Dr David Orenteich’s oil-free moisturizer and overnight pimple treatments, which are only available to patients.

‘With cleansers, I definitely do have a little bit of me that’s like, “If it’s not hurting, is it working?”‘

And he says Kate Somerville’s intense facial product EradiKate makes cystic acne disappear in just one day.

The teenager also offers some interesting, albeit bizarre, skincare tips – including coating your body in Vaseline, covering it in Saran Wrap and going for a run.

While this trick may attract some strange looks, Harry swears by it: ‘Seriously, it just makes your skin so freaking soft, like you wouldn’t believe,’ he said.

Harry Brant

Social butterflies: Harry (right, with mother Stephanie Seymour) and his brother Peter II (left) are regulars on the New York party circuit


Harry and his older brother Peter II, who grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut with their two siblings and high-flying parents, are often in the limelight due to their busy social lives and eccentric style.

So in addition to acne treatments, Harry uses make-up to try to achieve ‘the whole dewy thing,’ inspired by Karlie Kloss’s flawless complexion.

His beauty routine includes nude eyeliner, bronzer and his favorite product, tinted moisturizer.

‘It just makes you more… even-toned and luminous,’ he said of the moisturizer. ‘I love luminous.’

‘Tinted moisturizer makes you more even-toned and luminous’

And while Harry is fine with lining his lids in beige, he says mascara is off-limits.

‘I think using mascara is when you cross the line from man make-up that’s good to man make-up that’s womanly,’ he told the website.

Instead, he curls and tints his eyelashes.

‘I’m not going to lie,’ Harry admitted, ‘there are times when I have to start over because I end up looking like a drag queen.’

He continued: ‘It’s so fun for me, but I have to remind myself that I’m not doing my little sister’s make-up.’


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